Ladhar Bheinn, the wet and windy version

Next time I am sure the sun will shine, 'cos this is a fantastic hill

Wednesday afternoon and off we go on the ferry from Mallaig.  Note the boat in the background, the pride of the fleet, is the one that we came back on on the Friday.

First and best view of Ladhar Bheinn, with a sprinkling of snow (all gone by Thursday).  Then the ridge round to Sgurr Coire Choinnichean.  To the right of that the Mam Barrisdale pass then Luinne Bheinn with another dusting of snow.  What a lovely place.  Basically we went up the glen on the right, then onto the ridge behind the summit of Sgurr Coire Choinnichean and then round over Ladhar Bheinn and back out the glen in the middle.

Farewell to the phone signals

And Hello Inverie.  Here's the pub.

Hard at work in the kitchen

Thursday morning, 8am, time to hit the hills, in the vain hope that the forecast rain and wind would hold off!

Not looking too promising out across Inverie Bay

Loch an Dubh-Lochain, with Luinne Bheinn and the shoulder of Meall Bhuidhe

Looking back down the Glen, before the climb.

South end of Loch an Dubh-Lochain looking back down towards Inverie, as the rain got started.

Once on the ridge above Loch an Dubh-Lochain we had to get over Aonach Sgoilte before even getting near Stob a Chearcaill.

Just been over there

The weather just kept getting better.

After lots of scrambling and wet, the final approach.

So that's it!  I imagine the views are spectacular.

That must have been the top, as this is the trig point next to it.

Someone else's much better picture showing the ridge we have just traversed.

And again obviously not my picture, of Ladhar Bheinn from the East, the side we approached from.

Home, soaked and knackered after nine hours and about fourteen miles I reckon.  Great walk.

Still raining, but we've been to the pub and we don't care.

As ever the next day was better (at this point anyway).  

The long beach

Still raining up the hill.  Looking up to Mam Barrisdale.

Proof that we paid.

Inverie Bay

And that's it, off for the boat home.

Boat arriving at Inverie pier.

And a final stolen picture of the hill from the Barrisdale side - maybe next time we'll go this way?

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