Another weekend cycling round Islay and drinking whisky

My kind of weekend

Preparation is everything.  After a night at my Dad's we had a bit of relaxation on the boat.

Having made it to Islay we had to have a rest in the Islay bar, just to catch our breath.

Finally set to start the hard work.

One down.

Lagavulin - nice.

After a spell in Laphroaig we headed across the High Road.  Didn't really notice that rain!

Brief stop at Bridgend, to check things were okay.

A good bit drier as we headed off.

Tents up, midgies active.

More rain that night, soaked on the way back from the pub.

Heading over to Kilchoman.

Traditional trip to Machrie Bay

Where better to sample the whisky!

Next stop - Bruichladdich - for another wee taster.

Dinner time.
On the way back from Bruichladdich on Saturday my tyre ruptured, so I had to go to Port Ellen for a new one on Sunday morning.  Thanks Mark's friend for the lift.

On Sunday we got back to the distillieries, well this one at least.

Time for reflection, awaiting the Jura ferry

And the veiw from the other side.

Nighfall at Craighouse

And the next morning, time to return to civilisation.

Nice cycle back to the ferry.  Great weekend again.

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