In March 2010 this was a new page and now it is all done.  Where next?

Hills Scaled Some drivel to fill out the page Date   Personnel
Geal Charn Nice hill, pity about the views (again) 28/03/10 DC, MC (most of the way), ST  
Carn Laith, Stob Poite Coire Ardair and Creag Meagaidh Three more done, and not half bad at that 22/8/10   DC, MC
Beinn a' Chaorainn and Beinn Teallach Not the best weather, but a good walk all the same 19/9/10 DC, MC, JD
A'Chailleach Hard day in the snow, leaving the two further away ones to come back to 20/2/11 DC, MC
Carn Dearg, Carn Sgulian and A'Chailleach again A big day out, and a pretty good one too. 26/3/11 DC, MC, CM

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Nice hill, shame about the view.  28/3/10 22 August 2010 - a fine day indeed Misty, and quite a long way.  19/9/10 20/2/11.  Misty and snowy and hard work 15 miles, cracking day, and lovely whisky   26/3/11