Luinne Bheinn and Meall Buidhe, in the wild Knoydart peninsula, miles from everywhere

15-17th November 2002.  

Have split this into two in case it takes too long to load.  Part one-   .  

Some of these don't have bigger pics behind, but the ones from Kristan do, and they are great. Santa, where is my new digital camera?

Evening before preparing in the usual way, to dull the initial pain the next day.

The pain the next day

Another mighty stag

At last , the pit pony.  Getting ready to hike into the wilds.

Walking up the lochside from Kinloch Hourn.  It's only seven miles and a 1500 feet climb and descent before we get to Barrisdale!

Can't really be that much further, can it?

Getting darker, but can still see the peak of Ladhar Bheinn in the distance.

Nearly worth it all.  Nightfall on Loch Hourn.  Destination not much closer though!

Weary travellers trudging on, just 700 yards to go!

And to think this is the luxury accomodation. Got upgraded from the bothy as we were willing to pay. There were certainly fewer mouse droppings, and a fire in this "White House", which was nice.

Why am I not down the pub?   Knacked.

And after a noisy night, we are off again. Never sleep with dogs should be the motto!

First we climb up to Mam Barrisdale, the lowest point between Barrisdale and the nearest pub at Inverie (9 miles in the opposite direction to where we came from!).

The top of Mam , felt good. Looking towards Loch Nevis. And from here it's all up.

Contemplating heading straight to the pub....

but we head for the hills.

Looking to Meall Bhuidhe from Mam Barrisdale.  Guy's, it's good and misty up there, let's do Luinne Bheinn  (on the left) and then walk across that ridge and do Bhuidhe too?

Just above Mam Barrisdale with Stob a Chearcaill poking up in the background. Next time we go that way.

A steep bit

One step closer to the top.

YES PLEASE, or as my friend Ted would say "NO SHIT".  From close to the top of Luinne Bheinn looking to Meall Coire na Gaoithe n Ear on the left; our next munro (Meall Buidhe) across the middle; then right over An t Uiriollach, Loch Nevis and onwards out to Skye.  Well we could see Skye, Rumm and Eigg even if my camera couldn't. Map of Meall Buidhe

Lunch.  Strange magnetic pull at the top of these hills! (or the camera is tipping).

Looking North to whatever lies that way (hills and stuff!)

Still a long way to go to munro # 2.

Fun, fun and fun again.  The climb up to Meall Buidhe from Bealach Ile Coire, before the scary bits.  

Tiime for a rest and a look back to Luinne Bhein.  Hard going.  Whoops no!! That hill pictured is Meall Buidhe. They all look the same. They all look the same.  So that is all we still have to do before going home.

That's the lochan that feeds the Alt na Seaiga on the left, and our route right across the middle into that misty bit up there.

This is still a long way

And steep too.

Blimey, there is more to go up.

A decent  profesional view from the top of Meall Buidhe looking at Luinne Bhein.

Thanks again SMC - but please don't sue.

And here is our view.  Same mountain on the right, but I got Mark, Kristan, Loch Hourn and the peak of Meall Buidhe in mine, so there Mr Professional!  Feel free to copy this.

The top

One man and his dog

And onto part two  

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